Brand History

Closet of Royale´ is a brand that represents nothing but Royalty.

We want our customer to feel confident, empowered, and royale´.

Royale´ is the french spelling for the word "royal".

Anything our customer buys from our website will spice up their closet and bring them the royale´ feeling with out breaking the bank. 

Closet of Royale' originally launched in Spring 2016 as a boutique and relaunched as a magazine in fall 2018. In 2022, it is both a fashion and beauty boutique and with a blog element that is dedicated to the culture as a whole. Features of familiar faces will be coming soon.

Our mission is to provide you with a way to express yourself through fashion and to remind you of positive thoughts, moments and memories. Whether it’s a necklace, scarf or bracelet, each item is crafted with love and comes with its own special story.

Shop with us today to add a touch of vibrance to your wardrobe.